Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun outings and fun at home!

BrookLynne is 2 months old!

Our one year...

July 13Th 2008 was our one year mark! nancy watched the baby for us all day and we were able to spend it together! We went to 7 peaks it was a ton of fun! I went on a water slide well actually 2 water slides for the first time ever! I loved spending the day with Tyler!! Although I really missed BrookLynne. It is crazy to think that at our one year we have a 6 week old baby, although we could not imagine life without her. Well here are some pics of us with our wedding cake and a pic of me in my wedding dress, yep it still fits after having a baby!!! My fav part of our whole anniversary was when Tyler danced with me in my dress and sang our song to me! I love being married!