Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Woodland Hills Day 2010 with Nana and BrookLynne

Yesterday was Nana, BrookLynne and Mommy "special outing" day! Lucia and Grandpa hung out while we went to a small makeshift carnevel. It was a buck fifty to play 20 games, take a train ride and get a face painting! Not only was it a great deal just to play it also was neat that each game came with a prize to win as well! It was fun watching her figure out the games and having fun. Nana who is Tyler's mom had the idea to take her. I thought id post some pictures and share her fun day!

Friday, September 10, 2010

i cant belive we are having #3!

Lately I have been thinking about how excited I am to have baby #3! Everyone around me seems to only have negative things to say about me being pregnant. I have let it keep me down until recently; I have decided not to listen to those negative people anymore. Who honestly thinks that they can tell me what is right for our family- Honestly having another baby is a beautiful gift from God to our family. I welcome our future son or daughter with open arms into our family and think that anyone who has anything negative to say needs to keep their comments to themselves. Sorry Ill get off my soapbox now
I have figured out that it is my prenatle vitamines that make me so sick! I am excited to at least know why I have been so nauscious all the time. Does anyone have any advice to get my vitamines in without dying daily?
Today Tyler was gone at work and for the first time in forever I did it all by myself! I played with my little girls all day! Our car is not registered yet so I was stuck at home all day without the park any outings to the dollar store Nothing! Just me and my girls . I usally would go stir crazy but it was fun! We colored , cooked , read, sang , signed , played , snuggled and napped. I love my babies and am so blessed- The only yuckie thing about today was that I have been without bread all day! I guess I rely on it a ton more than I remembered but ha! I forgot I also ran out of formula and a 10 month old cant have cows milk yet- Thank Goodness for my friend Sarah randomly calling me to see how I was and if I needed anything
So I guess Im on a tangent
Veggie Tales is entertaining my babies while I type its fun to watch BrookLynne and Lucia try to sing along- Lucia turned 10 months yesterday and already loves TV - I try to limit it to a miniscule amount each day I find reading and playing is a ton better anyways! But lets be honest TV can be a life saver too - What are your views on the subject?
Well Im gonna stop boring you all!
Grandma Judd I miss you and cant wait to give you a huge hug in October when we visit for a few days!
I posted some of the most recent pics for you all to smile at!
Until im bored again
- Becky
Oh the ones with the grass are from this moring in my backyard the others are a bit older by a week!
Looking at these pics reminds me that I should wear makeup lol oh well Im sporting the no makeup look lately

Friday, September 3, 2010

Its True!

We are expectiong baby # 3 in April of 2011! I was feeling great up until two days ago- Today I was driving home , no where to go, stuck in traffic and next thing I knew there was barf all over me and the newly cleaned car. Needless to say I have felt like crap. There is not a ton that I feel like saying right now seeing as I have been sick in bed all day - Debbi this post was for you! Here are some pics to smile with - heres hoping they will post