Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wow! 14 weeks already!

Me and my baby girl just loving eachother- i love dressing her up! I was home from work all day and had the chance to finally play mommy.
Look at those cute boots! Her grandpa Bailey bought them for her!!! Shes a doll!
Hiking as a family! Ty's family loves a good adventure. And yep I made it!! BrookLynne almost slept the whole way up the mountain.
My little Angel!
Sleepy Heads

BrookLynne is growing more everyday. I hate going to work more and more everyday. It is hard to hear about the new things that she is doing from my sister...I want to be the one with her I want to be the one there the one to see the firsts... But i just have to remember that I am working for her, to pay off my loans. At least I have a great class and a great job. i think that it would be harder if i didnt like the people or the place that i worked like last year... well earlier this month we went hiking to timp caves, i almost died! But it was fun. lets see... she smiles now and we are trying to help teach her how to sit up too! shes a doll and brightens our lives and our home.