Monday, March 5, 2012

Here we are

Yep we are still alive and kicking -Lets see it has been over 7months since I have posted anything about us. March 22nd will be Flora's first birthday. Flora broke through her first 2 teeth last month, she is defiantly not a baby anymore. I cant believe that our girls are growing up so fast. Right now we have a 11 month old a 2 year old and a 3 year old. BrookLynne is an amazing big sister she is right by my side along with Tyler's every minuet of the day. BrookLynne wants to do everything that she is capable or even not yet; the things that come out of her mouth are stunning. BrookLynne loves being a sunbeam in church , she knows all of her primary songs , scripture stories and craves for more . Brookynne is a human toddler sponge and we love every second of it! Lucia is talking and right by her older sisters side she is not too sure about being a big sister but I know that she will . Lucia is learning her colors and numbers- she is in nursery and learning to cope without her big sister by her side. Lucia and BrookLynne are attached they do everything together and want to be just like each-other. Lucia loves books, singing and coloring. Flora is going to be one in less than a month she is super happy all the time giggling and showing off her dimples seem to be her favorite hobbies. Flora is so close to walking she will stand on her own and bounce along with her own little dances. Flora is right in the middle of her sisters following, observing and adoring everything around her. Tyler is out of work and is having a hard time with not finding a replacement. I am working 6-9 hours a week with Jim as an assistant in the clinic ; it is defiantly not teaching.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My girls are my world

Tyler has been home for over a week now. It has been really nice to have my best friend and companion on my side. The only thing is that if Tyler is home we are not making any money to pay the bills. Im trying not to think about that tho.

Today we went to the mall and had Flora's ears pierced. She did wonderful the holding still part seemed worse than the actual piercing. Tyler didnt watch he said he turned his head, I was holding her , she cried for a second but that's all. I gave he baby Tylenol before we left to be sure she had some relief. It was cute tho Tyler picked out her earrings they are blue/turquoise flowers I was leaning towards white or pink but we let daddy pick.

Flora started smiling right at 3 months ; she has always smiled but is now smiling to people , things reactions rather than just gas. She loves her daddy and sisters. They love her as well. Brooky tries to hold her by herself and lucia wants to also be mommy. The girls all told Flora how good she did after her ears were pierced it was cute they were so proud of her!

When we got home tonight we switched a little bit of furniture around but guess what happened when we got home?

Flora rolled over from her tummy to back for the first time!!!